Novylen.net is hosted on a server in Langley, BC, Canada. The server admin (me!) lives in Burnaby, BC, Canada. I share a “server closet” with a friend, who helps me with hardware maintenance, while I deal with mostly the software end of things. I work for Simon Fraser University.

Q) What is the server running?

Currently, minecraft.novylen.net is hosted on a quad-Xeon: 4×2.2GhZ processors, 2GiB of RAM, and a 7-disk SCSI array of 72GB disks. It’s hosted on a “business” Shaw Cable connection. The hardware is admittedly getting a bit dated, but it’s still pretty good for my purposes.

Q) What is the long-term goal of this SMP server?

I plan to see this server become a good place for people to hang out and build stuff, fight against the zombie hordes, and – perhaps! – engage in some light pvp.

Q) What addons are installed?