some updates

  • Installed ChannelChat for local and global chat (global default).  /ch and /chlist added to default rank, will evaluate/discuss other channels soon, with an eye on the possible problem of splitting up conversations too much.  Local chat has a 1 kilometer range, which should cover most towns.  If we get a higher server population, more chat channels make sense, but for now, a couple will do.  Possibility of giving channel privileges to member rank.
  • Updated hey0mod to 116 – items now spawn directly in your inventory when spawned with /kit or /item, and admins can now /clearinventory <player>.  Not that I see any use for it, since I could always do that just by deleting the player file.
  • SessionProtect now prevents you using the last slot in your inventory.  Allegedly.  This helps with a dupe bug.  I haven’t tested it, so feedback on that would be good.
  • more, probably.  I also updated cuboidplugin and griefalert, but that probably won’t be major.

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