moar updaets

  • Runecraft 2.1 installed.  Includes a “wall builder” rune that I’m a little leery of, but we’ll see how that goes.
  • TimeRift installed.  My intent is to cut night about in half, skipping from 10pm in-game to 6am in-game.  (22000 base time, 750 second check time)  Might make it a bit longer, but that seems about fair.
  • Achievements appear to be broken for the moment.

3 thoughts on “moar updaets

  1. Amenos

    Thanks for banning me in your minecraft server earlier today for doing absolutely nothing…. I think you were under the assumption that I was griefing because I was complaining that nothing could be broken, even though I wasn’t actually griefing… w/e.

    1. rbos Post author

      Dude, you explicitly said you were going to grief stuff if I didn’t ban you. :P

      10:17:27 [INFO] <Amenos> omg
      10:17:35 [INFO] <Amenos> I can’t grief anything in this server
      10:17:46 [INFO] <rbos> well, a lot of things are protected
      10:17:48 [INFO] <Amenos> But I did steal somebodies diamond pick from their chest :P
      10:17:49 [INFO] rbos teleported to Amenos
      10:17:53 [INFO] <MrBlockson> why are you trying?
      10:18:37 [INFO] <Amenos> even random hills are protected lol
      10:18:39 [INFO] <rbos> amenos – are you intentionally trying to get banned or just joking
      10:18:51 [INFO] <MrBlockson> -_-
      10:18:56 [INFO] <Amenos> Either ones fine
      10:19:44 [INFO] <Amenos> Not like there’s anything I could possibily do to warrant my getting banned anyways,,,
      10:20:10 [INFO] <rbos> amenos – not everything is protected, so you could wreck things up if you really wanted to

      And then, five minutes later, I watched you bust up a glass tunnel underwater.

      1. rbos Post author

        Okay, I looked at your stats file and you hadn’t actually broken any glass.

        So you couldn’t have done that damage.

        Ban rescinded, be careful about your jokes next time eh. :/

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