• I spent much of the day working on statistics for the server users.  It’s pretty primitive at the moment, but I have a script to dump them into an SQL database, and a PHP file to parse the results.  This is a prerelease only, so don’t be surprised if it breaks.
  • Runecraft’s “Ice Boots” thing might be what’s been crashing the server.  I’ve added it to the blacklist, but there might be others.  For now, leave that rune alone, so we can at least eliminate it from consideration.
  • Installed Robin Sonneveld’s “Hey0Admin” for Zaneo and Jack, so that they can more easily make backend admin changes.  SQL and SSH is fine for me, but I can see why they would prefer a web interface. :D
  • Zaneo managed to wipe out a good-sized town today.  He’d probably prefer I didn’t mention it.  But hey.  I’m a jerk, it says so right in the charter. :D   I’m going to restore it from backup as soon as there are fewer than about 5 people online.
  • Plus, I’ve done things just as bad in the past.  Just today, I filled a cuboid with torches, most of which fell to the ground, which made the server extremely laggy until I managed to collect and /clearinventory the bulk of it.  .. Oops.

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