lag issues

Well, apparently quite a few servers are having lagspike issues right now.   CPU load is spiking up to high values and causing problems with server unresponsiveness, periodically.


2 thoughts on “lag issues

  1. bill753

    From Notch’s blog –

    “There’s a bug in there now where the cpu usage will shoot up through the roof sometimes, and I think that’s related to lighting. Immediately after the release, there was a hang bug where lighting would go into an infinite loop sometimes on existing loaded maps. I “fixed” that by making the loop always terminate after a certain number of iterations. My guess of what’s going on now is that the lighting probably keeps going into that loop over and over again.

    The biggest features that need fixing are;

    * Fixing the performance issues
    * Health and working enemies
    * Finishing up the inventory code so the dupe bugs/glitches go away
    * Figuring out how to run both the normal world and the nexus in parallel.”

  2. Mrepiclegendzz

    This is annoying shit …. keep getting connection timed out:( Anyone know when its fixed??

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