lag issues

The lag issues every minecraft server has been experiencing the last two weeks are most likely the result of lighting issues in certain map areas.

If the server is experiencing lag issues, everyone should immediately return to /spawn.  If a particular area is obviously causing issues, let us know on the forums and try to spread the word to keep clear of that area.

On our map, Skyland and Hell are two VERY obvious problem areas.  Avoid those.

3 thoughts on “lag issues

  1. Zaneo

    Notch has said that lighting was getting into an infinite loop. The way he made the patch releasable was to add a sort of “time to live” function, this means after x amount of illiterations it escape from that segment of code preventing the infinite loop. There are two problems with this, as you can see in certain areas there are a large amount of illiterations taking place, e.g. sky-land, hell, the server basically halts as it goes through all the lighting. The other problem is when the lighting code escapes to soon, this is where you get those large black caverns that are unlighted.

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