Bunch of updates today.

The main thing is, I installed WorldGuard – which replaces SessionProtect, GriefAlert, Llamacraft, and BlockIt.  It allows us to block fire, tnt, and optionally ban/kick people who do so.  It prevents multiple sessions, and warns people when certain griefs happen.  It’s verranice.  It’s quite configurable, and can warn/block/kick by rank.  Elegant solution to some annoying problems.

It also fixes the “block lag” bug Notch introduced last patch.

Since GriefAlert is now gone, so is the grieferstick, so I’m using WorldEdit’s “super pickaxe”.  Toggle it with “//”, available to mods+.

I added the ability for members+ to spawn their own NPCs.   Nothing fancy, just warm bodies to populate towns and make them look more lived-in.  Pretty fun.  Eventually we could use this to implement quests, and if someone comes to the admins with a compelling pitch, we may allow certain people to play with it.  For now, read up on it and if you have an awesome idea, let us know.

Also updated to hMod126 (beta), which means we no longer have to have a custom patch for the Stats plugin.