Prism vs LogBlock, misc.

I am testing the Prism block logging addon in minecraft; it has more advanced rollback features, and records more events, more usefully. So far, so good. Bit of learning curve, but once we’re over it, it should allow us to do some very helpful things, like previewing rollbacks before committing them, and recording what player killed what, or picked up what. Hopefully it prevents some arguments. I’ll have to rewrite a couple of auditing scripts.

Today we also had an interesting WorldEdit accident, one of the mods set a pos2 but left the pos1 back at the previous location, and then did a //set 0. Server locked up, and intending to force a rollback, I hit ^C on console. Unfortunately, that saved the changes that did go through, so in hindsight, I should have suspended java and did a kill -9 to prevent it saving the changes, an approach that has worked well in the past.

Oh well. Restored the missing areas from backup. Sadly, WorldEdit does not in the current build restore sign contents, so some shops in the mall got messed up. The dev build evidently fixes that.

BungeePerms is updating to use MySQL, which should allow me to set up tab list colours pretty easily. The main problem was generating a permissions.yml from a database export of PermissionsEx data, and I didn’t really care enough to go to the effort. But if they’re both in the database, then porting the data over is a relatively simple procedure, I can just make it part of the BungeeCord startup script or something, and it’ll sync once a day.