* Moved Stats and Achievements to a mysql database on rollup (the database server).
* Moved LogBlock datebase to rollup.

* Teleporting (/home, /warp, /wxgo) is much faster now.

Plugin Updates

LogOres: a more sophisticated x-ray hack detector. Some neat features. It does some basic crunching on ore finds, figuring out average distance between finds, average time between finds, and some other things. Legit ore finds tend to be on the same plane, fairly widely spaced in time and space. Xray hackers tend to be closely placed, and on more varying Y axis.


Interesting stuff.

Todo list

Some things I’d like to do over the next few months:

1) Moar NPC shops. Probably will keep /shop, because it’s better for bulk items, but maybe we shouldn’t do bulk item transfers. It’s too magicky.
2) Blacksmith NPCs to replace /repair.
3) A “creative” mode has been on my list for a while. It’s sort of, kind of there already (gate to ‘creative’, it’s perma-day and no player damage), but there’s no infinite supplies because of trouble restricting /item to that world. Notch is allegedly introducing creative mode, so I’ll wait to see how that turns out.
4) Review and update addons. iConomy is like four months old. Wormhole XTreme revamped entirely.
5) Possibly introduce player classes.


I recently checked up on the status of the iAuction plugin.

(seriously guys if you want a plugin, see if it exists or has been updated to work with the latest craftbukkit, anyone could have noticed that iAuction had been updated recently).

I won’t be installing it, because:

1) I like local shops. They give players something to build in their towns, and give people a reason to go to those towns. NPC shops are even better (once cough I make them work).

2) Spams chat. Mostly that’s fine, but the vast majority of auctions, people don’t care about.

3) Magic. It’s FAR too easy to transport tons and tons of stuff across the entire map. Your pockets are full of mountain, and you can just whiz it over to another person with a /auction command? It’s boring, it’s not “game”y. Some things SHOULD be hard. Even a little bit.


Bunch of updates today.

The main thing is, I installed WorldGuard – which replaces SessionProtect, GriefAlert, Llamacraft, and BlockIt.  It allows us to block fire, tnt, and optionally ban/kick people who do so.  It prevents multiple sessions, and warns people when certain griefs happen.  It’s verranice.  It’s quite configurable, and can warn/block/kick by rank.  Elegant solution to some annoying problems.

It also fixes the “block lag” bug Notch introduced last patch.

Since GriefAlert is now gone, so is the grieferstick, so I’m using WorldEdit’s “super pickaxe”.  Toggle it with “//”, available to mods+.

I added the ability for members+ to spawn their own NPCs.   Nothing fancy, just warm bodies to populate towns and make them look more lived-in.  Pretty fun.  Eventually we could use this to implement quests, and if someone comes to the admins with a compelling pitch, we may allow certain people to play with it.  For now, read up on it and if you have an awesome idea, let us know.

Also updated to hMod126 (beta), which means we no longer have to have a custom patch for the Stats plugin.

IP change

What was at first a trivial “move the server to a new location” turned into hijinks today as it refused to boot up.  We’ve fixed the problem, but because we were offline for about 40 minutes, the IP address lease ran out, and we were assigned a new one.

Dammit. :(

So use the hostname or memorize the new IP.  Sorry!

player shops

You can set up player shops now (thanks be to the authour of iConomy).

See /warp mntc for an example of a working shop, or /spawn for a non-working but valid shop.

From the instructions:

Creating shop sign

In-game create a sign, on the second line you must but only “buy” or “sell” without the parenthesis. On the third line you put the itemID and the amount for every transaction. On the fourth line you put the price of each transaction.

It will look like so:

1 10

Click “Done”, and it should create the shop, you will now be buying 10 (stone) at 10 coin per transaction. Replace “buy” with “sell” for a selling sign.

To show users how much you currently have in stock, place a sign anywhere around the base sign. must be touching the base sign however and it will update that sign with stock information.

Using shop sign

Go up to the sign, if you are the owner you can add stock by clicking the “sell” sign with the item in your inventory to add to the stock. Make sure that you have nothing in your hand, click the sign (left) and it will either a) tell you an error or b) give you the item or sell it depending on the sign you are clicking.

lag issues

The lag issues every minecraft server has been experiencing the last two weeks are most likely the result of lighting issues in certain map areas.

If the server is experiencing lag issues, everyone should immediately return to /spawn.  If a particular area is obviously causing issues, let us know on the forums and try to spread the word to keep clear of that area.

On our map, Skyland and Hell are two VERY obvious problem areas.  Avoid those.