Default: The rank you start out at.

  • White colour
  • Commands: /help,/sethome,/home,/spawn,/me,/msg,/kit,/playerlist,/motd,/compass,/tell,/m,/who,/reload,/getpos,/compass

Regular: A “recognized” rank, exactly the same as default, but coloured light green.   This kicks in automatically after three hours of being online.  Lapsed subscriptions become “regulars”.

Member: “contributor” or “premium” rank.

  • Blue,
  • Gets /warp,/listwarps in addition
  • has a reserved slot for joining the game, skips the queue.

Moderator: Responsible for keeping the server calm and enforcing policy rules.

  • Cyan name.
  • Can allocate property cuboids.
  • Can teleport and summon.
  • Can set public warp points.
  • Can ban and mute.
  • /degriefstick,/griefalert,/mute,/ban,/kick,/tp,/tphere,/s,/setwarp,/protect

Admin: Responsible for setting policy, implementing geographical changes and game map edits, appeal for item restores.  Requests for item restores and map edits should go through the forums, or through moderators, as chat scrolling goes by quite quickly and legitimate requests can easily go unnoticed.

  • Can do block replacements, fills, and deletes on cuboids.
  • Can place blacklisted blocks (inc. tnt and fire).
  • Can summon items.
  • Can start/stop the server.