This is the Minecraft server "minecraft.novylen.net", which lays possibly dubious claim to the title of being among the oldest known minecraft servers; it's been running continuously since August 4, 2010 and has been kept more or less up to date since. Before that date, it was the single-player game of the server admin, so the map itself predates Survival SMP for some time.

One goal of the server is to try to never delete player creations in the main overworld map. If you create something here, I'll try my darnedest never to get rid of it. Unless it's in the way, or in the nether, or if we don't like it. If you built something here as a teenager in 2013, it's probably still around, so, I guess enjoy that nostalgia bomb.

If you want to appeal a ban, email mc-admins@novylen.net.

You can connect via the Minecraft client at mc.novylen.net or minecraft.novylen.net.


The server map is up at https://minecraft.novylen.net/map.

Wild teleport plugin: type /wild once an hour to be put into a "wild" area. Not guaranteed to be unbuilt, but we'll move it from time to time.

Store XP in bottles by rightclicking on an enchanting table with an empty bottle.

Runecraft. Write runes with blocks to access powerful game features!

Homes! Type /home to access up to 5 personal /home teleport locations.

Warps! Verious public locations are available. See /warp list.

Kits! Various kits are available. See /kit.

Creative plot world! There should be a portal near /spawn. Jump into it to be sent to the Plot world, then see /plot for help.

Various custom recipes to make certain things a little easier to get; we'll document this at some point. (2021-07-11)

Custom Recipes

Coal = Black Dye

Brick Block = 4 Bricks

Chest surrounded by 8 Rabbit Hide = Bundle

Bone Meal + Stone = Calcite

Paper + String = Nametag

Nether Brick Block = 4 Nether Bricks

2 Rotten Flesh = 1 Leather (Furnace)

Leather in a boat shape = Saddle

Amethyst surrounded by Glass = 8 Tinted Glass

Big Dripleaf + Warped Fungus + Crimson Fungus + Brown Mushroom + Red Mushroom = Spore Blossom

Big Dripleaf = 2 Small Dripleaf

Sculk Sensor = Top to bottom: 3 Twisted Vines, 3 Warped Nylium, 3 Deepslate

Plus some more, check recipes in game at spawn.

Fancier interface for recipes will be made eventually.